easel/XC not keeping zero when stopped

So Im not sure if this is Easel or XC. I use Vcarvepro for design work then import Gcode to run XC. I have had no issues on he past until today. I made a quick sign up entered my project size datum is in center and board thickness. After I zero the machine to the project piece and then probe the board as well I send it off to carve. Well the machine takes the router to the extreme right maxing out the xaxis and then runs it the back back of the Yaxis. Then comes back to the project to start carving. When it starts to carve its off center by 4.5" and when I hit the stop button which would normally bring it back to the zero point it moves back to the Y zero but is 4.5" left on the xaxis zero. I have check to see if I have offset it and nothing has changed form the normal way I have done things.

Any advise?

Sounds like the job start position in Vcarve.

Most likely when it hits the X axis, it’s skipping steps because it can’t go any further.

Check your material setup in the toolpath tab and make sure the start position isn’t funky.