Easel/XCarve Feature Request Plz!

Easel/XCarve Feature Request Plz!..

I like the new / recent addition of the “manual jog” controls in easel.
Could you please add the “defined jog field” as shown in the carve jog option.
I like to jog say … 10 inches in Y to clear a part and look or re-clamp.
Clicking 1" 10xs is a bit repetitive.

Greatly appreciated.
Carolina Kipper

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Simply change the 1" to what ever length you would like it is editable

Thanks Steve,
But I think you misunderstood.
This is not an editable field from the main screen using the jog commandlet.
See attached.steve
If I hit Carve and jog from Carve screen yes it is editable.

If I jog from project screen not in Carve mode it is not editable.

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Have you gotten the new beta feature when the carve is done you can move the y axes 3" one way or the other of your work piece?


I agree with the suggestion, also it would be nice to have Z and XY speeds in different categories

Thats a bit scary as it does not retract Z to home stays .1 above the piece. You will crash a clamp if not careful.

It lifts the z axes before it moves.

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