Easle software and UGCS

Hi, I am new to CNC and have ordered an x-carve fully loaded,which will be available at the end of May, I am going to use easel to start and maybe get some more advanced software later like v-carve pro, is it correct that I don’t need to download a g-code sender with easle, is there one built in, and that I will need one with v-carve, I have downloaded and installed universal g code sender on to the laptop I will use and extracted all files but am not sure how it works, does it just have to be on the laptop and v-carve finds it, or am I missing something

Easel is a complete design to machine program. You don’t need anything else to start using your X-carve. It’s a great place to start.

This is a quick overview of the V-carve Pro workflow:

We have added a gcode sender to Easel so you can go from V-Carve pro to Easel to X-Carve if you wish.

Thank you LarryM
I think I will stick with Easel for a while until I know what I am doing, is there anything I should read

Thank you Zach
I will try Easel for now until I learn a bit more about software as this is all new to me

I don’t know if there are any tutorials for using Easel. You can run the program without your X-carve to learn some things before your machine arrives.

Thank you Larry, I did not know I could run the program without X-carve, I will play about with it and learn something

Thank you for that Phil, I was also wondering if the laptop I will use can be used wireless or is it better hard-wired,