Easy Clamping

I spent a lot of time clamping down projects and it finally evolved to this. I not saying it is my final answer but this works. The red rail almost never moves. The natural colored block is my back block. I stick my piece of wood it and slide the two blue blocks to hold the piece rock steady. I have run several pieces and it hasn’t failed yet. The sliding blocks are held by ratcheting bolts that I bought on EBAY.

I have included a picture of the lip that can be used for warped boards. I will draw a diagram of this and let the forum try it they want to.


it does not show but I put a 1/4 and 1/8 groove on the front bottom of the clamp. I can raise it and put the bracket on top of the work piece. It also is great to slide on top of a piece of metal. It is totally encased.

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Detail photo please…

I like this! I may try this on my machine.