Easy way to make shape puzzles

My daughter loves animal shaped puzzles. Does anyone know of an easy way to turn a shape into puzzle pieces? I’ve included a photo for what I’m looking to do. Thanks!

In Easel, there is a puzzle maker app.

That makes puzzle pieces for a standard puzzle. Not able to take a shape and make it into a puzzle. Unless I’m missing something.

I did a few like this. Draw out the shape, then the desired puzzle cuts, offset the lines by around 1/32-1/16 (do some test to find what you like)

I made that same elephant puzzle last year, Here is the SVG file from my project.

(Remove the .x from the end of the file name after you download it)

elephant puzzle 3.svg.x (17.2 KB)

Just be sure you cut on the outside of the lines with a .125 inch tool and it will fit together just fine. I made mine from a 1 inch thick piece of maple.

Here is the Vcarve file if you can use it.
elephant puzzle 3.crv (1.2 MB)


Cut your animals with the CNC, then puzzle cut it on a bandsaw.

it’s making my Illustrator cs6 crash