Easy Way to run homing sequence

I was wondering if there and easy way to run the home sequence again without turning off the x-controller and turning it back on.

Also is there anyway to add a macro that would allow a quick send to somewhere else. Like send the router to the center back of the machine.

Thanks in advance!

You can issue commands to grbl directly through most sending programs.

To run a homing cycle the command is $H

Search and read up on G28 and G30.

With Easel you issue commands with the Machine Inspector -> Advanced

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Seems it is faster just to turn the controller on and off than navigating the menus. LOL

Thanks for the info, I am checking it out now. Most appreciated!

You won’t be able to perform a machine zero (homing cycle) by simply turning it ON/OFF, that will only affect work zero (Easel Home position)

That’s because you limit yourself to Easel.

In UGCS (free) you have a button to push for homing and a input line for other commands (like G28 and G28.1)

In PicSender (modest license fee) you have buttons for all three $H, G28, and G30.

Good catch.

But a little off. Machine Zero is set by power off / power on, but the value that you get is the current location of the spindle when power is applied.

If you want to synchronize Machine Zero with the Homing location you must do that by performing a Homing Operation within grbl ($H).

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Thats why I specified Homing Cycle, ON/OFF reset all position to zero but with zero reference and “useless” relative to preset work zero and offset options.
But you are spot on.

If you have homing enabled, you can home the machine at any time from the Machine menu in Easel:

50 AM



Any chance you guys will change Easel Home Position to something more work specific…like…umm…work zero…? :wink:

Its confusing for newcomers to deal with:
Home button = Homing cycle
Home Position is not the same thing/place.

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Yes found this yesterday

Thanks Jeff!

I agree that the use of “Home” vs. “Zero” language in Easel is a little confusing. We’ve talked about this and we have looked into ways to change the zeroing workflow to be more clear. It’s something we are still planning to improve.


I agree that buttons in the menu would be much better. However, you can get, relatively quickly, to the Machine inspector with {ctrl-shift-D}.

After that, $H will home the machine.
G28 and G30 are two “setable” parking locations.

I use G28 to park at a repeatable start position, and G30 to move the router out of the way to remove the material from the table.

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Thanks Darrin short cut key was very helpful.

I had setup g30 Thursday but was such a pain to navigate. This at least helps!

No problem. I am glad I could return the favour.

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“homing” is not work 0, it is machine 0

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I think they’re aware of that.

One easy way to run the home sequence is to remove the usb plug for a few seconds. When you tap the Carve button, you will see the “home the machine” button. I do this all the time since I usually set my x,y work zero to the same location as home x,y.

This is easy since I’m using a laptop, it might be a little more cumbersome with a desktop computer.

I’ve only used a couple other CNC machines, but they also use Home and Zero as two separate concepts. I don’t think it would be helpful to change that language.

Press CTRL+Shift+D and type $h in the Console window, press Enter, done. This is the simplest and fastest method Easel provide.

Other UI like UGS etc have a $H-button, by far much more conveniant.

Ok, that is easier. Is there a Mac version of that command? The “Home” button under the Machine menu is also easier. I had thought that it just sent the machine to Home, but it actually runs the homing sequence.

Actually, I mistyped the previous post, CMD+CTRL+D is the Mac command (I am on Mac)
on Win PC the command is CTRL+SHIFT+D if I remember correctly.

I corrected my previous post.