Eccentric spacer for adjustable v-wheels not fitting into holes in the gantry side plates


Just started on putting together my x-carve together and have bumped into something already that I don’t know how to deal with! :frowning:

I’m attempting to put together the gantry side plates and am now looking at the adjustable v-wheels as described here:

However, I can’t seem to get the eccentric spacers to fit!

This is a picture of the eccentric spacer on the bolt, attempting to place the “shoulder” of the eccentric spacer into the hole. Instead, it just kinda sits on top of the hole.

A view of just the eccentric spacer without the bolt, and how the main portion of the nut can’t sit flush with the plate.

I measured the diameter of the hole, and it’s 6.89mm

The diameter of the shoulder of the eccentric spacer is 7.10mm

I’ve taken a look at the plans here, and it looks as if the diameter of the hole is meant to be 7.1mm instead of the 6.89mm I’m measuring…

Is this right?

I’d love any advice on this, I’ve been so excited to get going!

Thank you

Taking another look at the plans - especially after Angus’ comments about the powder coating thickness - the expected tolerance is actually 0.25mm. Which means that what I’m seeing is within tolerance. Which means…

Well, I’m still not sure… How do I get the eccentric spacer to fit?

Angus, I took a look at the other holes for the adjustable v-wheels, and those are all in the 6.86mm-6.91mm region (i.e. a variation of ~ 0.2mm). I spot-checked some of the other holes on the plate, and those tended to have variations more like ~0.05-0.1mm.

Is it possible to scrap out the powder coating or something? And how tight should the eccentric screw be?


I just finished mine this weekend. I ran into the same problem. I set the nut on the hole and placed a block of oak wood on top of it and tapped it with a small hammer. Went in just fine and turns with no problem.


Well. I know what I’m doing when I get home then…

Taking my frustrations out in a productive manner. :slight_smile:

I’ll post back with my success/failure!

Thank you


Alright! I hammered them in! They do fit well after, and they can turn when I use a spanner.

Thank you again for the advice! Cheers

It’s also one of the major laws of engineering! If it’s not working, you’re not using a big enough hammer! :smile:

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Keep in mind that the square ends of the caliper are going to read as if the hole was a bit smaller than it actually is.

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Tell you what. I’m super glad that the x-carriage holes for those eccentric spacers just fit instead of requiring hammering. >.<

It’s fully assembled! And it’s working! And carving! I’m super psyched!

Thank you all! :smiley:
Next step… A case for it to muffle the noise. >.<

I’d like to see what you come up with. I’m working on mine now. its very similar to the others that you have seen, but I need something for my Vaccuum

Had the same problem. All the holes on one of the side pieces were too small. I just took a diamond file and filed down the powder coat until everything fit.