Edge finding methods

I was wondering what people have been doing to find the edge of your stock pieces. Basically finding zero on all axis. I seen people using aluminum plates and using the continuity method. I basically been jogging the bit to the edges of the work piece and manually turn the but by hand till i feel it start to cut into the work piece.

I watched a guy at my work use a bit called an edge finder. He had one that was double ended so you can find the center of a hole or the edge. Here is what he had

Has anyone used these type of bits to find the edge?

You shouldn’t spin these faster than 1,000 rpm, so that counts out using them with a route spindle.

Oh okay…darn!! Glad I didn’t buy one lol.


i have one,
It works great!

If you need to probe the sides manually, stick a .250 dowel or load a router but into the collet, backwards. Then touch the edge of your part, use a piece of paper, and when you touch the side, raise your bit above the part, then shift of 1/2 the diameter. If you look at the bit over the edge of your part, it should be in the middle of the bit. Do this for X and Y, and you’ll be accurate within .002-.003.

I’d recommend the touch setter from Charlie here on the forums. Much faster and accurate.

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I turned one on once at work, and the cnc starts at the last spindle speed, (which was 3500, way less than a router will spin) not the 1000 rpm I just punched in.
It went everywhere. Springs and parts.
Not pretty.
Don’t do it.

Could you attach a link to the thread you are talking about?

I usually just turn the spindle on and move the tool until I hear the sound change. This is surprisingly accurate for most materials - you’ll usually hear it touch before you can see the scratch on the material.