Edge lit questions

question about the edge lit acrylic. will any lucite sheet acrylic work or does it need to be the light transmitting stuff sold on inventables. id like to keep cost down but would need a 12x24 sheet for what i have planned. alsoe. i know a ball nose bit is best used…i think, but how deep should the cuts be made?

I believe that general wisdom says 30deg V-bit at 0.01" DoC

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I always get these mixed up but I am pretty sure it is Cast acrylic you are looking for, extruded gums up easily and I find provides bad results. As far as how deep only go .01" just enough to scratch the surface. I wish I kept count but I have probably made over 150 led signs by now all have been done with .01" and turned out great. Another tip, if you have access to a air compressor, I find I get better results spraying air onto the glass near the bit, you can either make a jig or do what I do and I just follow the cut with the air nozzle in my hand since most signs take 1-2minutes to carve.

I also use these bits

For the best use Cast acrylic.
You can create an interesting look by cutting paths at different depths. The part that lights up is the cuts that have a frosted look to them.
If you use any other type of plastic like extruded (mostly sold at stored like Home Depot…)
You can use a good vbit that is very sharp and then go over it with a diamond bit to finalize it so you get that frosted look in the cuts. They make diamond v bits but plan things out. Useing the diamond bit you need to go slow and use air or water spray to keep the cut paths clean and to also prevent the plastic from melting as you cut.
If I ever get time I will do a tutorial.