Edges preview


I’m currently using Easel as my main CAM program and it works great so far, i know i have to make the step someday to a desktop app but for now i’m quite happy with Easel.

There is one thing that annoys me greatly though, if you create or import a design the preview does’nt do it much justice especially with small complex cuts. i guess this is due you (or the restrictions of the online 3d viewer) soften the edges to a degree you can really make out what is happening.

A sollution would be to set the edges to sharpen or to option the show the wireframe or even show the toolpaths per (depth) layer.

i hope this make sense to you.

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Joost / Maker Mill

here is a example of what i mean.

If you “Show Toolpaths” and “Hide Material” it’s easier to see what is going on.


Offcourse i knew of these options, but even than its sometimes hard to see what is going on with finer details.

Nice shield btw :smile:

Nice shield! Where did you find the model?

I don’t know about the one Nam37 came from but here is mine: https://www.inventables.com/projects/hero-shield

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It’s Link’s shield from the Zelda games. I just took a picture from the web and traced it with CorelDraw. Then imported the .SVG into Easel. It’s for my son.

Nice work :slight_smile: nice to meet another Corel user.