Edit point coordinates

When in Edit points mode, have the ability to display and edit the coordinates of the selected point, like this:


This could help get around the time when “snap to horizontal/vertical to an existing point” is an issue.

Similar idea would be to have arrow keys adjust the position of the point when in this mode, rather than the location of the entire line.

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Need to bump this topic. I am trying to edit a complicated file with stepped cuts, and I want them to be uniform. This would be easier to do if I could see coordinates instead of eyeballing it.


This seems like it would be a pretty easy thing to incorporate. Any chance it happens? Would be very handy.

Vectr.com has a pretty good interface for editing svg points. you can add or delete points, easily toggle between curve types, etc. It would be nice to see a few of those features in Easel.

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Cool Thanks. Trying to be very precise with a neck pocket for a guitar :slight_smile:

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I find it incredible that Easel does not have this feature. I am a new user learning both CAD/CAM and CNC machining. I have completed my first cuts successfully with impressive results. I wanted to then move on to some cutting of wood parts to fit together. The inability to edit points prevents getting joints cut to required tolerances. This is a red card for Easel so will have to move to a different package. This is a shame as my initial use of the Easel interface was looking so good.