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Edit Points

How can I add edit points to an existing shape and how to disconnect edit points and reconnect them to a different point?

I don’t believe Easel is capable, at least I haven’t figured out how to add/disconnect them. I have been learning in Inkscape it can do it.


AFAIK Easel is based on Add/Subtract objects only.

Editing nodes are only available to one object at a time.

It would be a huge improvement to easel to give the basic features ie… multiple point select and move, auto smooth multiple selected points, closing vector between two selected points with hotkey (f) and other vector editing functions that are quite basic to point editing.

We use adobe illustrator to create the vector shape files. I agree though… would not be much code to add some additional point editing features!

They have added the feature were you can “ADD” points to a shape, hopefully the next step will be splitting segments.