Editing home location

When setting up a cut my home position is not where it needs to be, so I have to manually jog it over to where I need it to start. So how do I reset/ edit my home position? thanks in advance

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Hi Christy,

Default Home position the absolute Z up, X Left, Y Forward (on most cnc’s)
However the Work Origin aka Work Zeros by default is the front left corner of the workpiece.
these are inherently different settings. so one wouldn’t change the “home” per se, but rather the origin or work zeros based on the workpiece location on the wastboard. This process is performed during the step-by-step catve initialization process as prompted after pressing the “Carve” button in Easel.
It will have you move it into position and then select “Set X,Y Zeros” button to assign the location as the “work zeros” aka “work origin”…

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