Editing in Pro

I’m not able to resize images manually in my new Surface with Windows 10. Is it just me?

Resizing is working for me. Do you have the item pinned by accident?

Can you share the project?


Brandon Parker

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Sorry, I replied to your message.
I really want to be able to manually edit my images.


@MarieGirard This has not been shared publicly. I cannot open the file.

Okay, sorry. I shared it.

I have clicked on each image and I am able to resize each one.

I can’t. Could it be because I have a touch screen? When I touch the image box it disappeared.

The computer I have is touch screen also but I use the mouse. Since it is your computer and it works fine from my end I would suggest contacting inventables support team. They should be able to help

You’re not alone in this respect. My touchscreen does not work with Easel either. It is likely that Easel is not monitoring the correct messages from the operating system to the browser. If you really need to only use touchscreen then raise the issue with Inventables for sure.


Brandon Parker