Eggbot build

I looked at this for a project a while ago. It can control 2 steppers and two servos (up to 5v) and is compatible with an uno.

The link is to a UK store, but as far as I am aware adafruit is a US company so you should be able to find it easily

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Arduino driving a generic servo:
Need aux power as a servo draw to much for the Arduino board.

Got my controller from evil mad scientist. Almost done


$50 ready to go

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Put some Nema 34 motors on that and scramble the eggs at the same time :slight_smile:


Can be done. Do you want to use grbl, or something else?

What are the tolerances for the Z movement?

Or maybe something like this:

You could use the PWM signal to control the RC servo with S words to change the position of the servo.

The 1Khz that my 1.0c laser version and the official 1.1f version uses would not give you enough control for the servo, but one of the older 8KHz versions of grbl would.

That makes it even easier. You don’t need a servo for that you can just use a solenoid.

You could use the PWM signal as you do for the IoT relay, or use M7 or M8 and M9. Might require some external circuitry. Easy to do.

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The servo lets it drag on the surface.

A very quick Google search found this informatioin

Which links to here:

With a link to the software for the arduino here:


I used a board from jjrobots and was very happy with it when I built mine

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Not sure if you’re still looking @PhilJohnson, but there’s a fork of grbl that uses a hobby servo for the Z-axis. I use it on drawing robots.