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Does anyone have a noticeable increase from running their xcarve a lot? I don’t know how much kw my dewalt 611 uses, but my bill has been alot higher than lately and I’m trying to isolate where the increase in usage is coming from, thanks!

I would get a current monitor for your wall plug and that will help you calculate how much it is using

but I did not notice an increase with my x-carve but I do with my large machine lol

By the why turn your router down low and increase to cut smoothly. It will save you electricity. No notice on my bill.

If you are drawing 6 amps then at 120v =720W or .72kW
.72kW x 24 hours =17.28 kWh. Assuming that it ran the entire 24 hours with out a break and the current was constant, at.16 cents per kWh it would cost $2.76 per 24 hours.


I did a solid morning of carving last Thursday.

My normal usage on a day like that would be 45-48 kWh.
On that Thursday, my usage was around 60 kWh.

There were probably a few other factors but the CNC was one of the main ones.

Dollarwise, that was about a $2 difference for that day. We have a tiered kWh rate structure here in Georgia so I don’t know exactly what that cost is.

Also, remember that you’ve got multiple components going on:

  1. dewalt consumption
  2. Xcontroller/Gshield consumption
  3. computer running the machine
  4. dust collector, if you have one.

Unless you’re running it all day, every day, I don’t see it contributing a lot to your electric bill.

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Ya. I’d bet my DC is pulling more than my Bosh spindle.

Kill A Watt @ Home Depot

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My peak Summer rate is like $0.09 or $0.10 Max winter rate is $0.05.

I’d have horrible power bills if I paid $0.16 though :scream:

My monthly average is .16 so that is what I used. I am on a plan that charges different rates depending on time of day and demand on certain days it can be as high as .45 per kWh. I just limit electric use at those times and I keep my monthly bill around $70.00.

Where do you live? I am guessing it is something from an environmental factor…I am in Ohio where it has been super humid the last two months causing my dehumidifier to run non-stop. My bill just about doubled solely from that. To give you a piece of mind the Dewalt 611 is 1.25 Hp max which is roughly 0.93 kW (0.93x24hrs = 22kwh) take that times whatever you pay for kW to figure your cost just for the router (you will need to add up all the equipment you are using though as @JustinBusby mentioned)

mine is 10.5 cents kWh.
my bill last month was a tad over $1,200. that is for an older 3,000 sq/ft house though.

We’re using a service called Energy Ogre that after you give them some info on your usage, they automatically shop around for you and get the cheapest deal. It’s $10 a month and we started it about 6 months ago and our bills have dropped close to $100/mo (we were paying in the $350-$400/mo range before). We know about 8 people in our area that use them and they have seen the same results. I don’t know if it is for everyone, but it works here in the DFW Metroplex.

Ahhhhh Texas. Where Electrical Utilities are deregulated and you can shop your services around.

Here in Georgia, natural gas is deregulated but electricity isn’t. You’re stuck with whatever company has the area. We have quite a few EMCs that drive the cost done some but some people, like myself, are stuck with the greedy for-profit utilities (Georgia Power) and have to pay fees for nuclear plants and crap.

how but using solar panel

I switched to solar panels a long time ago and my billing costs have decreased significantly. So, if I were you, I would have thought of such an alternative. I can suggest a good company for the production and installation of such equipment. Here is https://solarhub.energy/ their contact

@MadAmos Your estimates are not quite right. When operating a CNC, you have the spindle (router), the X-Carve controller, a computer & monitor, probably also a dust collector not to mention lights maybe even something else, some people watch TV. All these together increase the estimate for electrical consumption over the router.