Electric Charge Giving Me Tiny Shocks from X-Carve, Power Supply, and Laptop!?

Without running the router I am able to receive a slight jolt on the sensitive part of my wrist on most parts of the machine, on the metal case of the power supply, and even at my laptop. Again this isn’t static from running the router because it’s off. I can’t find any obvious place where a wire is making contact.

I just jumped into the pool to cool off, so my body is still damp, and it’s super humid, could this just be static from the cooling fan on the power supply and I’m just feeling it because I’m super conductive right now?

I get shocks from my vacuum cleaner hose when running but haven’t had that issue. Loose wire somewhere? Odd. Hopefully you will get an answer that will help solve the mystery.

I’ve had a small shock, ground the frame to your pic.

Yeah, it’s not like the vacuum shocks, plus I’ve added a ground to my dust system which has eliminated the static build-up, also it’s not even running and hasn’t been all day.

After I dried off I couldn’t feel it any longer, but I’m going to check it with a multimeter tomorrow.