Electrically Challenged

First off, I’m a total newbie here so please bear with me. I have been a lurking on the Inventables forums for quite a long time and have to say that this community is not only extremely talented but the wealth of knowledge that is being shared is impressive to say the least.

Well, after several months of failed attempts to “get my permission slip signed” by my manager (aka my wife) to purchase an X-Carve, I just finished assembling my very first one (1000mm) this past weekend and am looking forward to her maiden voyage in the coming days.
I know that similar topics have been discussed but I cannot seem to find a solid solution. What I’m looking for…

Along with the X-Carve and X-Controller, I will have a shop vac plus some 12v LED light-strips and I would like to have essentially one place to allow me to turn on/off each item individually and what I’m struggling with is how to make this happen without burning my house down (wife wouldn’t be happy) or killing myself (she might be) in the process. What I envision is a small metal electrical box, with 4 or 5 buttons and some outlets where everything is plugged into. What I can’t seem to determine is all the crap that needs to go inside that metal box or exactly how to wire it all up (blushing).

Any suggestions/help/pictures/etc would be GREATLY appreciated!

The IOT remote outlet works great with the x controller. Just do a search on the forum and you’ll find it.

I can offer no electronic help but most every time I’ve wanted some custom plug or switch or whatever, I start by thinking how I would wire it and then eventually go to Amazon and find something off the shelf that perfectly fits the bill.

Hi Brian, See this thread for some ideas. I put together a list of components for a similar relay for another forum user:

The IOT remotes mentioned above are good. If you do go the DIY route, take your time reading up and use caution.

Thanks Edgar!