Emergency stop big red buttons with long necks?

Does anyone happen to know of any emergency stop big red buttons that have a long enough neck to directly mount in a hole in 3/4" plywood? The ones I’ve seen so far can only fit in a panel about 1/4" thick. I can make a mounting plate if needed, but would rather skip that part.

I cut a pocket out on the back of my panel so switches and buttons (including the E-Stop) would attach properly.


Make a mounting plate. Cut a hole in the plywood, doesn’t matter what shape, that’s large enough for the entire body of the E-Stop to fit in comfortably. Then get a thin sheet of hard plastic or metal and cut a nice circular mounting hole in it for the E-Stop. Mount that sheet to the top of the 3/4" plywood. Mount the E-Stop to the sheet.

I used 1/2" MDF for my E-stop box, and had to cut a bigger pocket in the top of my E-stop box to fit the neck, left the final inside thickness at .300".