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How to enable homing in Easel?
I have a Millright Mega V XL with Easel Pro. Once I complete my design and enter all specs. and hit the Carve button it says “homing is disabled” no where does it show how to enable it. I having homing switches. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Mark, welcome to the forum!

Press Ctrl+Shift+D within Easel to open the Machine Inspector Page. Then Scroll down to the bottom where the grbl settings are located.
$22 is the setting for Homing. 0=disabled and 1=enabled.
So if this is set to 0, then you’d need to scroll back to the top area to the “console” section and type in (or copy/paste) the following command:
Then press Enter on the keyboard to send this command.
Your CNC should now allow the homing feature to work properly.

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