Enclosure overhead cable management

For anyone who has built an enclosure around their X-Carve, I’m looking for your advice regarding managing the power cable for the spindle/router…

If possible I’m hoping to support the power cable from the inside ‘roof’ of the enclosure and keep it as far away from the cable chain as possible (to minimize potential EMF).

Any pictures would appreciated. :sunglasses:

I used zipties for my router cable. Just zipped it to the drag chain. Haven’t had any issues.

this e-chain are a strip of polyethylene and a few blocks of wood, mounted to a piece of plywood.

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I actually put inside the Drag chain, have no problem what so ever.

The stepper motor cables are shielded cables. I wouldn’t have thought there would be an issue. I’ve also ran my router power cable in the drag chain.

I’m interested how people have done a dust extraction with the X carve in an enclosure.

Same here. …until I swapped spindles. That was a pain.