End Mill and Tool Tray Organizers - Endless customizations!

I created two custom tool trays.
One for end mills and measuring, the other for work holding tools.

The material is building grade 1/2" PVC sheet.

Here are the Easel projects:

The only clever thing I really did was use my scanner to scan the outline of the calipers.
I placed the calipers directly on my scanner.
I imported the picture into Inkscape, simplified some of the nodes and then exported a SVG; tedious but loved the outcome.
I did use Easel for creating an offset. I could have used Easel to do the trace but Inkscape was just as easy.
I tweaked a few nodes in Easel, deleted a few extra nodes, and did a successful test cut.
Hopefully now myself (and others) can be onto a much more organized shop!


That pvc trim is not available here. :confused:

Turn the bits the other way… :slight_smile:

As for material, I would visit and check your local home center. They may have different brands and styles. My local store didn’t have any (for a good price) until recently. I hope they keep it in stock!

Would this be the same stuff? I’d wouldn’t mind trying…


You can use regular plumbing PVC cement to glue boards together to get one’s desired size.

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