End mill / bit plumb & square

Does anyone know if there are tools already available for purchase (outside of a regular or sawblade square) to be used to ensure that the ROUND endmill/bit is square all of the way around with the cutting surface?

I am not sure I understand your question could you re phrase it?


what you are referring to in CNC world is “tramming”, google it there is a ton of info on it.

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or you might be meaning on how to check run out of the tool and make sure that it is round for that your would want to use a dial indicator


I’ll search for it now! :smiley:

Didn’t think of that one, nice catch.

if you want to check tram the proper way you will want to pick up one of these

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if you cutting head is square to the surface and your cutting surface is in good shape you will cut square. check to see that your material you are cutting height. It should be pretty much the same. tell me if this helps.

This looks like an INCREDIBLE solution!!! Thank you!

Even the mini version? Ehh it might not wonder if you could call them and have them neck it down for you

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Not as expensive as I feared.

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You could also acquire a length of 1/8" copper or brass rod, put 90 degree bends on the ends going in opposing directions so that it looks like a S without the curves or (apologies if anyone takes offense here)
one arm of a swastika.
And chuck one end into the collett.
Lower the z until the rod just touches the waste board and rotate the collett by hand. if the rod contacts the bed evenly all the way around you are spot on.

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This but mount a dial gauge on one end. Sweep to get a level.
Z axis space will be an issue - as it is for the Pro Tram.

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Yeah before I bought that tramming gauge I just bent a rod with 2 90 angles and put one end in the collet and then a large piece of glass on the table and then sweeped the glass using feeler gauges and that will tram it the same way just not as easy as the tramming gauge

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“Sweeping”? Please clarify, Sir.

basically you treat it like a clock and start at the 9 position then move to 3 position

then take the reading between the two

then do the same for the 12 and 6 clock position

Ahhh… ok. I get it now.

I was initially imagining the tram you provided the link for with dual dials. But, this would be a single measurement solution. I’ve got you.

By the way, on payday, I am ABSOLUTELY ordering from the link you provided. My Hitachi M12VC router has a 1/2" collet, so it should fit “like a glove”… unless for some reason…

 ... you feel that it should fit any 1/2" collet system (not just pro spindles) right?

oh yeah It will fit in a 1/2" collet no problem I bought mine of about 2 months ago and its still in the package lol but very nice packing job for sure

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Thanks so much, Man! :smiley:

Yeah i am sure if you called them they could neck down the shank to a 1/4" but it will be less ridgid