End Mill Flute length for 1" thick wood

I’ve been searching for hours trying to figure out what end mill I need to cut out wood parts that are 1" thick. All I’ve been able to figure out is that you don’t want short flutes because of problems caused by runout etc. Does anyone sell end mills with extra long flutes?

They are out there, and there are solid carbide spiral down cut wood router bits too that can handle 3" or more, should not be to hard to find in a web search.

1/8"x2" http://torbidetooling.com/aluminum-series/inch/1-8-3-flute-long
1/8"x3" http://torbidetooling.com/aluminum-series/inch/1-8-extra-long-3-flute

1/4"x3" http://torbidetooling.com/aluminum-series/inch/1-4-3-flute-long

Prices are pretty good, not sure if they ship to US but i would think so.

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No need to go overseas:



Thanks for the info. I bought from torbidetooling. They ship out of Ontario which isn’t far from me in NY

You wont regret it, their tools are top notch.

What is the advantage or disadvantage of endmills made of aluminum?

The endmills in question are not made of aluminum, but for cutting aluminum — but at the feed and speed rates hobbycnc machines can achieve, will work fine on most materials.