End mill starter set 30585-01 help

Can anyone offer advice/info on speed and depths of passes on mill bits etc. also if you can point me in the direction on any info about the different styles of bits and what jobs they are used for.

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Here are some good visual references for styles of bits and purposes:

As far as speeds and feeds, a lot of it depends on your machine set up. If your using the stock machine with the 300W spindle, I would start with the feeds/speeds that are in Easel until you get comfortable with what your machine can handle. In general, the softer the materials that you are using, the faster your speeds/depth of cut can be, and vice versa. I’m using a Craftsman trim router with my X-carve, so my speeds will be different from what other people are using. When I carve soft woods such as pine and poplar, I tend to have fairly high feed/speed…but when I carve hard maple or walnut, I have to slow the speeds down to avoid stressing the spindle and risk breaking mills.

Is there a list of what the bits in Pack 30585-01 are? I will study all this myself later (promise), but a jump start would be nice, now my machine is finally put together.

That starter set should contain five 1/8" shaft bits:
Single spiral flute 1/8" up cut end mill
Double straight flute 1/8" end mill
Double spiral flute 1/8" ball end mill
Double spiral flute 1/16" up cut end mill (fish tail)
Double spiral flute 1/32" up cut end mill (fish tail)

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Thank you.

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