End Mill Tooling Video?

Alright guys so I have been on this forum for quite a long time and I think its time to rally the troops

I see post after post about end mill tool and people asking questions on how to use it where do I get it and generally wtf.

I would like to make a video on end mill tool a very in depth video on different topics regarding it:

Example Topics:

Where to buy
How do I select
Types of Tools
Chip Loads
Speeds and feeds
materials being cut

If anyone else is also interested in this type of video or video series please post below all material that you:

Might want to be mentioned in the video (like chip load charts, software, handy reference, etc
video suggestions
certain jobs and how to cut
work holding solutions you have found
video titles

I know there are many posts on here about end mill tooling and picture yourself as someone new just coming in and you have to look though 50 thread in order to find what you want

Lets make 1 video or video series to rule them all

Also if you would like to send me anything like
end mills

to feature in the video explaining a good way to do things please contact me directly

Here is the channel that the video would go on:

I hope we can do this video everyone I would love to see it come to life


sounds good! would be good for the tips and tricks section.

Some common materials to go over should be: MDF, pine, and aluminum

A video series covering each topic would probably be best rather than one long video.

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Okay yeah noted

I can cover those materials not a problem

and yeah thats what I was thinking videos titled like

How to select end mills
Types of end mills
CNC Routing aluminum
CNC Routing soft and hardwoods
CNC Routing Plastics

I will work on a format as suggestions come in and then post it here for everyone to review


okay yeah noted

so difference between

up cut
down cut
and straight tools

even difference between high helix and low helix and maybe chip breaker and finishing mills

and where each on has its benefits

and yeah like when to use solid carbide vs. hss in natural woods and wood composites

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I can even show some of my broken end mills from mistakes that I have made and how to fix those mistakes

Do you guys think that I should gear this video to my industrial machine or the X-carve or a little of both?