Endless Untitled Projects

As a workaround, I found this link that takes me right to my project list…



Brilliant! That’s a huge source of irritation for me as well, I just keep forgetting to actually draft a complaint about it. :smiley:

Sweet! Just put it in my toolbar.


Hi @TonyNo (and others)—would you mind explaining exactly what this is a workaround for? Is it that the page is quicker to open several projects from when you aren’t sure which one is the one you’re looking for?

As it’s becoming more and more common for people to have many Easel projects, we want to improve Easel’s file management. We’re very interested in hearing scenarios where the current feature set doesn’t cut it.

Every time you launch Easel, a new, Untitled project is created. Take a look at how many of those are out there. :wink:

That’s how it used to be. I just tried opening Easel several times in a row to see if I could reproduce it, and it looks like unless you click on the right-hand side and actually touch the project, it’s not auto-saving.

It used to be that if I wanted to go open an existing project, I’d go to Easel, it’d make a new project (I believe), then I’d open my existing one, then I’d have to delete the new “Untitled” it made. I just tried playing around with it and can’t get that to happen anymore, so maybe that’s changed?

Yes, that’s what’s intended to happen. Is Easel saving a new untitled project for anyone if you load the app and click an existing project in the sidebar? That was a bug that we thought we fixed a few months ago…

I was finding it frustrating that every time I went back to open Easel I had to look through lots of projects i was playing about with all call “Untitled”.

I’ve started to get into the habit of renaming every new project before I do anything else.

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As you build an extensive list of projects in Easel it would be nice to be ablle to download them as a complete list for a spread sheet where you could add notes re project versions, author, etc.

Would also be nice to be able to create sub folders to categorize projects such as clamps/hold downs, dinosaurs, etc.


This would definitely be cool. I usually have a file for each part, so it would be nice to have all the parts of a project in one folder. Alternatively, different versions of the same piece. This would be super helpful.