Engrave AirPods Pro case

I just recently ordered myself some AirPods Pro from Apple and should have taken advantage of the laser engraving option when I ordered. My son also has the same AirPods and it is difficult to tell them apart.
Since I recently purchased a JTech 7W laser kit for my XCarve, my son has suggested that I engrave my case. I am definitely a newbie when it comes to laser engraving and I can see things going horribly wrong.
Any suggestions on how to proceed without ruining them?

What material is the case? Do you have something else of the same material to test on?

Here are some sites about laser cutting and engraving… but i think they are all of 30W +


If its silicone, i found this (60W laser) on the settings:

You would have to test, but i think at 7w, 100% power and probably 5-10 mm/s… you might get some good results. Again, test on something similar first!