Engrave anodized Aluminium

Hello, I need a little Support.

I must engrave a Text on anodized Aluminium.

I use a 30* engraving bit and EASEL.
The Font i created with Adobe Illustrator, and it is so finde that they can barely see.

The problem is that the engraving often is too deep, and the bit either “fill” engraved long in the letter, which is even deeper then and takes long. On “Outline” he really goes also to each letter around that lasts too long.

Is there a way that the bit only drives one time though the letters or numbers?

Your question is not 100% clear to me, but maybe you should try a 60 or 90 degree bit. I suggest you practice in cheap plastic or so.

I had a name plate engraved in anodized aluminum. The print was also so fine that it could hardly be seen. What I did was have them fill in the letters with black ink and wipe away the excess before the ink dried. Letters came out perfect.

I used the 1/8" center drill from Harbor Freight. It works well for engraving on Aluminum.

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Nice idea!