Engrave single stroke font with drag bit....possible?

Hi guys, I’ll start with my first question - I need to use my indybuild CNC to engrave some trophy plaques. The font on easel is just to complicated and all I need is a single-stroke font using a diamond tip drag bit.
Can anyone tell me if this simple operation is even possible in easel?

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It is possible, kinda. You would need to prepare your design using the single stroke font outside of Easel and import the design into Easel preferably as a SVG or DXF file type, and then Easel can be used with “on path” cut type to do all of the toolpaths and make the carve.

Thank you for replying @SethCNC. I did try your suggestion and it ‘kinda’ works as you said, but still not quite as I need it. Any further suggestions would be appreciated

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