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Engraved lines

Hi everyone

After engraving something into wood how do you all go about cleaning out the inside of the lines. I sand the surface and that helps some but those tiny hair like wood fibers inside the engraved lines are very annoying.

What wood are you using?

You could get some fancy deburring type of tools or just use an Exacto knife or razor blade.


Brandon Parker

I use a brass brush, I get them at Harbor Freight or the tool tables a the car show. Gets some of it out but not a 100% of it. Brass is soft enough it wont scratch the surface

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I use a combination, I had a set of hand carving tools that I use along with a brass brush. Some wood leaves more debris behind than others so do some testing and find woods that need less clean-up.

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Thank you all for the advise. I apreciate it. The brass brush works really good. Again thank you.

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