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I have an engraving bit, but I have no idea how to load it into Easel since there’s no option for that type of bit. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. The photo (if visible) shows the engraving bit beside a 1/8 bit.

Thank you!

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what are you trying to engrave? That cutter is a tapered ball nose.
maybe 7-degree 1mm ball noses

Tapered ball bits are actually desigbed for and primarily used for the finishing pass on 3d reliefsz a feature Easel does not offer, currently.
Easel is not setup to generate the coreect toolpaths for a tapered ball bit.
As such the toolbox is not configured to enter it in.

Now ive seen others trick the system by entering it as an endmill approximately the diameter of the tip and then only using very shallow depths, using the Tapered Ball Bit to engrave as youve described. But the user must remember that if they use it for deeper depths that the angle of the bit WILL distort the design.

So my suggestion. Enter it as an endmill. Using the tip dismeter, and dont go than about 10% more than the tip radius.

I amost forgot this as well: Having a flat top, parallel to the spindle is key for this to work correctly too, so either surface the workpiece on the cnc, or shim it to be perfect.

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Thank you so much!!


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