Engraving Bit

Not having any luck finding a 90 deg .03 flat tip engraving bit. Can anyone point me in the right direction or share a source of one you are using?


Did a search for 1mm flat tip and this came up at the top of the list.


Just curious what your project is that needs that specific bit?
We understand if you do not want to share.

Its a text on text project from Vectrics, Youtube Link

I will have to watch the video closely. I don’t understand the need for a specific flat top or any flat top for that matter.
However many V bits do have a flat tip and you should designate them as such when you can in Vectric. It will make a difference in the results.
Have you tried Easel Pro for text on text? The design part is simple. The tool path can be ineffecient but I think they have the bugs worked out.

Haven’t used Easel Pro because I have Vcarve Pro. The video is very interesting.

For engraving bits below .05" the tip is not going to last very long in any metal. In the past, I used a regular v-bit and entered the tip as .03" and engraved away with great results. A real flat tip will give you a better bottom though. You could try a .05" tip and enter it as .03" in v=carve - I have done this with success as well.

Just watched the video. Any regular V-bit will work. You can enter .03" or you can just choose “v-bit” which does not require you to enter a flat dimension.

Thanks for the advice, will try this when I can get out into the shop.