Engraving bits, who has used them?

I am new to the Inventables community. how have people used them and do you need to do anything special on the settings? Should I look at any special software?

So I am new to the CNC space so I bought both the Engraving Bit Set
30 degree Engraving Bit
1/16" 2F Fish Tail
1/32" 2F Fish Tail

I also got the End Mill Starter Set
1/8" 2F Straight
1/8" 1F Upcut
1/8" 2F Fish Tail
1/16" 2F Fish Tail

I am not sure the differences in all the bits except for the obvious of the upcutting and Straight. I want to be sure I use the right bits for the right application. Any insights would be appreciated. Also within Easel it doesnt seem to have all the bits.

You can tell easel what size bit you are using by choosing ‘other’ and manually entering the size in inch or mm.

For pocket work, you are going to use the 1/8 and 1/16 inch bit the most.

To use the 1/16th inch bit on hardwoods like bubinga or rosewood, try 28 inches a minute feed rate, 5 or 6 inches per minute plunge rate, and .03 depth per pass. Slow your dewalt 611 down to 1 for the speed. You can increase feed rates for softer woods like pine of course. Look at a janka chart.

Slow the feed rate, plunge, and depth of cut quite a bit on the 1/32 bit, of course. Otherwise, you’ll break it quick.

Practice on some scrap. plan on breaking a few bits early on until you learn what they can do.

The more heat you create, the faster your bit will break. Watch for discoloration on the bit. the second you see that, you know you are creating more heat than your bit can take, and a break is coming.

@PhilJohnson. Hey Phil, I have also a question to the engraving and etching with the V-bits.

What measuring of the bit Ill say to easel if I use a v-bit? The diameter of the tip? But then the engraving is on the top wider a can come in touch with other lines of the engraving or? And the engraving might takes more time to clean up all of the bottom line…

Thanks for your help.

@PhilJohnson okay thanks ill test it with acrylic.
But whats with wood, there is the best way to use f-engrave i think, because i must, want, go deeper to reallize the look of a v-carving, otherwise I have higher tracks in the carving I think. Is the correct?

@RobertCanning Yes I had installed F-engrave, but I dont understand as much as I need, because my english is not the best :slight_smile: or I must more try it.

Phil, can you link me to where i can buy these bits?