Engraving Concrete

Can anyone recommend bits for engraving concrete? look with 1/8 bite to 1/64 for detailed engraving.

Is it concrete you poured your self if so it might be easier to cut a reversed negative of the image in some poly sheet then make a form with the bottom being the image then pour concrete in it. concrete alone might be a harder task than just cutting into stone. But I am also one to cut steel with the xcarve so I can not say that it can’t do it. there are a few on here that have done stone they might be able to point you in the right direction.

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Making a mold and pouring concrete! why did I not think of that. To eager to cut I guess. Thanks a lot!


Cooking spray works well as a release agent

if he uses plastic for the mould face it should be fine if using wood give a coat of epoxy

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