Engraving fine detail in aluminum

I’ve combed the board, but haven’t really been able to see what I’m looking for. I’m curious if anyone has examples they have done with fine detail text using a vbit in aluminum. Something along the lines of 1/8" tall text around .003-005 deep. I’m curious what kind of resolution I can expect, and also any tips or tricks. I’ll be engraving 7075 aluminum and plan on using pretty slow feed rates to ensure accuracy.

I typed “coin” in the search bar and came up with a few. This one, started by Earwigger, in particular was what I had in mind.

A few medals and coins

Good luck on your project.

some engraving and v carving I did with the inventables 90 1/8 endmill they offer. Speeds where slow and the doc was around .1mmz mine was 6061 aluminum so I would see what is recommended for the


Joshua, thanks for the reply. Did you make a video of milling that tool? (I assume it’s some sort of tool) I swear I saw a video of that. I was going to ask, did you do a second pass with a vbit for a chamfering profile pass? Did you have any problems with deflection doing that? I’ll be running some test cuts this week and hopefully I’ll have a final video to show how it turned out.

Hey c.j, I have a video on my YouTube channel that I milled the faceplate for a vape box mod project and also a few other projects too. https://youtu.be/pJ-Z76sWh4U This is the link to my video and I’ll be posting more videos of aluminum milling and breakdowns of what I do for settings and all that. All I use is the vbit from inventables and a cheap set from eBay for a 2flute cutter 1/8. I’m doing tests with cheaper to more expensive endmills to see what I can do with both. I did run a profile cut with the vbit to give that chamfer look. I run it slow and small steps for doc and it works great. When I try to cut more it will chatter and sometimes can have problems so I keep it safe with the speeds and the doc. I want to upgrade my z and do more bracing to make it do better speeds and doc to make it close to a larger mill.