Engraving glass with J-tech 2.8

I have an xcarve 1000, j-tech 2.8 laser and am using lightburn software. I am new to lasers and have been playing around with the laser. I would like to etch glass, saw a couple of videos and decided to try. Got my image, set up the laser and began etching the glass. It didnt etch. It did, however, pass right through the glass and etch my work surface. Anyone have any thoughts or know how to etch glass?

Just a guess but I suspect some kind of film or coating on the glass is required.

if you are using a 2.8 watt laser I would have to assume that you need to put some sort of cover or mask (tape or film) that can be removed with the laser, and then apply etching compound to etch the exposed glass.


you could also abrasive blast the exposed area with a fine grit media.

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The J-tech laser being the lower power and 455nm wavelength it will pass through transparent materials. There are some posts about using this on glass and clear acrylic in the forum. I seem to recall a damp paper towel or piece of paper was commonly used.

I believe some folk paint the glass, then laser it. The paint is later removed leaving the pattern. Haven’t tried it yet…

Clear glass is transparent to visible spectrum laser light (which the J-Tech is). You’d need to color or mask the glass with something that would catch the light and transfer the heat to the glass, and them remove it after etching. You could also use a mask of some kind, laser off the mask, and use an acid etch on the glass - most hobby stores sell this.