Engraving Materials in Canada

I have been looking in Canada to find engraving materials online. Getting large sheets from the States, I believe, would be prohibitively expensive in shipping. I am looking to be able to get various engraveable sheets such as 2 and 3 colour hdpe, as well as engraveable brass.

The two places I have found, do not include pricing or ordering options on their websites. Both of which are located in Toronto, about 3hrs from me. I am not even sure if they have a storefront. The closest cities to me are Kingston, and Ottawa. Abount 45min for either one.

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I don’t mind buying online, so does anyone know of a Canadian online supplier.


Rowmark appears to be a manufacturer, and Canadian Engravers mentioned above is one of their distributers.

Engravers depot sent me a scanned price sheet for some of their sheet stock product groups. I need to contact them for anything else. I’m still waiting to hear from Canadian Engravers.

I found another one in Toronto, Trotec Laser. They don’t have online shoping either. I’ll send them an email today.

I have checked PlasticWorld, they are also in Toronto. I purchase my Allumilite through them.
I believe they do sell multy colour hdpe, but you have to order it by phone.

@darrin1200 I’d be very interested in what you discover. I’m in Vancouver. I’d like to find a supplier for dual-colour rotary-engravable plastics for small signs (max about 12" square).

Many thanks.

Hi Mark

I did not have any luck finding a place in Canada that you can just place an order. I have set up an account with Trotec. I had to apply for an account using my business name. They will call you to verify that you are not just a hobbyist. I told them that I was just starting out with engraving and that seemed to satisfy them.

I haven’t placed an order yet. Hopefully soon.

I set up an account with trotec and order laserable plastics & aluminum all the time. $15 shipping for anything under $300 Bucks. Nothing but good things to say about them.