Engraving on curved surface

Is the x-carve ,with CUT3D ,or other software capable of engraving on a slightly curved surface ?

I use VCarve. On the toolpath setup screen, there’s an option near the bottom to “Project Toolpath Onto 3D Model”. See if Cut3D has the same option. You might have to click “Show advanced toolpath options” at the top of the screen.

Fusion 360 is also capable of doing this and it is a free program for hobbiest.

You will need to request access for the g-import in easel if you want to use easel for the g-code sender if you haven’t already.

I haven’t done it yet, but I will soon. Hopefully it works like I believe it will.


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@BillArnold I also have vcarve however I dont see the “project Toolpath Onto 3D Model” option. Is this in the desktop version?

I use VCarve Desktop V8. Here’s what you should have:

I believe Chilipeppr’s auto-level feature is made for this purpose as well.