Engraving on multi levels?

I have a AK-47 magazine clip that a friend gave to me to try and engrave a saying on the side. The issue is that it has ribs and so there is a couple different levels of the metal. Is there a way to transfer that info to the cnc so that it engraves on top and in between the lines/ribs.

I thought about making a 3d model of the clip then draw the text out on the face of the model, exporting the gcode and somehow lining it up somehow.

I also thought I might be able to engrave the low points first then engrave the high points second, but the sides tapper a little so that would probably look weird


I think you’ll go through a lot of gun clips trying to get it just right. Maybe try finding someone with a laser engraver. Just my 2 cents.

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I have a solution.
Use autocad’s 123d catch to scan it in. (it will take a couple of trys to get it)
then use any cad you like or send it to someone who can do it for you. edit the model to create a cad version that is a bit more accurate. Then use that data as if your going to carve in 3d.
I know autodesk Fusion 360 can create tool paths on non flat surfaces. I do not know the tool very well but others here can help you out.
Then you can get the nessary carving info sent to the magazine.

Is this mag metal? if so you can use an auto-level in programs like chillipeppr or estlcam or something like it. I have seen several programs with this. I have used Bcnc to map the surface of an AR-15 mag-well to engrave so that I could ensure the same depth of engraving. I went to my dads salvage yard and got some scrap aluminium to test on first “make sure it was the right size and depth” when I did finally try it, it looked great.

It is metal. I will have to see if it will work because it has a black coating on it. Not sure if it anodized or just a paint. I’ll check out chilipeppr. Didn’t know you could map out an object that was metal like that.

Your main hurdle will be continous engagement (same depth) full length on both surface heights in one go. I’d be inclined to split the engraving into two parts, one for each surface height.

I know that Estlcam can map a curve with aluminum foil tape, there is an example video on the webpage that shows this done on a computer mouse.