Engraving small text

Using the 30 degree engraving bit with a depth set at .003 in. I am attempting to put a short poem on a piece X=7.75 in and Y=4.5 in. I have tried every bit combination possible and either I get a quick cutting time with a crappy product or no less than a 15 hour cut time with the 30 degree. I can’t figure this out.

Some additional info would be helpful.
What software are you using to design with?
What is the size of the text?
Can you share the project?
Often when using a V bit a full depth cut is much faster than a shallow one, if material thickness allows.

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also what are you carving? wood or metal?

Engraving wood
Using Easel

text is about 1/4 in high 6 lines
attaching the project thanks. I’m a new user so trying my best.

Can you share the Easel project?
File–>Share–>Share with Link–>Save

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Depending on material, you should expect that to carve in about 5 mins.

I suggest you let it cut full depth.
I there a reason you limited the depth to 0.003"?

Thank You I’m learning something new everyday

Honestly I’m trying anything I can just to get it on there. First time I ran a depth of .08 and the small portions of the inside of the letters were cut out. So I just kept backing it down until I had something legible but I’m still not happy with it. This is my first attempt at signage/lettering. I’ve mostly done components and shapes.

Looks like you’ve completely changed your project and are currently working on it now. The links you share show the project in it’s current state. (I just noticed you change it from a giant GOD BLESS AMERICA to a smaller GOD BLESS and then added the AMERICA back in)

didn’t realize it saved in real time. learned something else.

i’ll put together the old project and relink it. Thank you for the time though. I’m multi tasking so I forgot to start a new project

I put it back to the original project

I see the custom settings are at 200 rpm. That is very aggressive.
What is the material you are carving?