Engraving starting depth in easel

I’m trying to mill some brass logo plates and I’m trying to see if I can get Easel to do what I want. I have .125" thick brass. I want to first mill down my pieces to 0.05" thick, then use a vbit for engraving. I dont want to mill the whole piece of brass because that’s a waste and it would interfere with my screws. So when I re-zero, it’s at .125 but want my engraving to start at .05. If i try to do a 2 stage cut it takes forever because it wants to edge out the whole milling areas with a vbit and takes 3 times as long.

Anyone have any creative ideas? Thanks.

Is this correct?

Sorry no. Should be .05”. I’ll edit it. Thanks.

Just do 2 separate operations. One for the flat milling and re zero the second workspace on the .125". For the second, only make your project as big as your willing to cut. If it is not within your screws. Is this what you mean?

The problem I’ve had is that with the second workspace easel won’t start the engraving (vbit) at 0.05”. If you tell it the workpiece is .125 and zero it then it doesn’t work right at .05.

Then, I would suggest creating two separate projects. One for milling and a second for the cut you want. Just zero to the second project. This should get you to the .125” you are looking for.

Thanks. I think I’ll just have to do the two separate workspaces and just mill out more material to be able to zero on the milled material. Otherwise the vbit engraving won’t be right. Thanks for the input.