Enlarging Viewing Screen

Any way to enlarge the viewing side of Easel screen?

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Hover over the line between the 2 screens and you should be able to move it left or right to the size you want.

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Thanks Wayne. Yes that will make the viewing box bigger, but the project piece remains the same size. That is what I want to enlarge. Similar to the left side where there is a ± control buttons at the bottom right. Maybe my eyes, but I need to blow up the right side simulation to see what is actually being carved and what is missed.

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I think if you right or left click on it you can move it.

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Use a scroll wheel if youre using a mouse, zoom in/out by scrolling the wheel…

If only touch pad use 2 finger pinch, well pjnch to zoom IN 2 finger spread (anti-pinch) to zoom OUT.

Righ click and drag to SLIDE for repositioning.

Left click and drag to ROTATE.

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