Entering various sized bits

Hello fellow easel folks
So I bought some detail bits on Amazon (I know, I know). The issue is that I don’t know how to properly enter them into Easel. As the attached pic illustrates, I have ten upcut end mill bits starting at 0.8mm going up by 0.2 mm to 3mm. I could could convert the sizes to inches and attempt that way, but I don’t think that would work. Any thoughts or guidance is welcome. Thanks, Glenn

You could use the toggle at the lower right to change easel to mm, then enter the bit size, then change it back to inches if you want the rest of your easel stuff to be in inches.

FYI 1" = 25.4mm and vise versa. so performing the conversion is rather simple if you remember 25.4 is the multiplier or divider depending on which direction your going…

Much appreciated Seth. I’m just starting with smaller detail bits. And with Julio the Titans will be tough to beat. Cheers

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