Entire List of X Carve Problems

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Buy a shapeoko. It cuts aluminum BETTER out of the box.

The last time I cut aluminum It was my brand new low profile Rockler T-track clamp.


Murphy is a funny guy :wink:

You’re a product designer but can’t figure out appropriate belt tension?

I read the initial post and all the follow-ups with interest and thought I might throw my 2 cents worth in as well.I bought my machine several years ago now and and was gobsmacked by the help I received on this forum. Over the years I modified my machine to do the recommended mods on strengthening and durability. The company was relatively new at that time and contributed a great deal to the conversations here, both good and bad. I only use the machine within it’s designed capabilities and try not to treat it as a heavy duty work horse. Have to say outside of one broken belt (my fault) several years ago, I’ve honestly had no trouble. When things start to shake or shudder, I’ve learned to shut the machine off, do a thorough clean of the extrusions and v-wheels, tighten the belts and check the v-wheels for adjustment, and ensure everything is square and in alignment. After this is done, depending on the time of day either have a coffee or a whisky settle down and run a piece. I was probably one of the most impatient people at the start of this on-going project and found that to be a major problem just avoiding sitting back and thinking rather than throwing arms up in desperation. We’ve all been there. The learning curve included not just the mechanics of the machine but also computer skills, design that fits the machine, and the ability to accept the occasional rubbish. (Nice to have an open fire) So except the facts that you’re going to make mistakes, that every tool has some limitations, and that you’re not alone and eventually, if you stick with the process things will just happen in a positive way. Sort of like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance . So, it’s whisky o’clock, and that combined with the antidepressants should make the rest of today so much more bearable.


I have had the XCarve for over 5 years now. Have made 1000s of parts.

I do remember that it took a day an a half to put it together and get it setup. Wasn’t a big deal. I also have two 3D printers that I run around the clock. I cut mostly aluminum on the XCarve. I use it less than the 3D printers, but that’s because it is so much faster. I can cut a 100 parts on the XCarve in the time it takes to print one part using the printers.

I have often thought I should outsource some of the aluminum parts and I have priced them out with all the prominent online shops. A part that costs me about $10 they want $750. The XCarve is a great machine for my money.


Totally agree. I would assume to a high degree of certainty, that this was this person’s first diy build.

I read that in college, I think it’s on a bookshelf somewhere in my house, I’m read it again
Also, I just started using my XCarve weekly at least was wondering if you had a maintenance schedule or do you just wait for it to shutter

Either never read my reply or didn’t find it commenting on

I clean all the v wheels and rails with an old tooth brush (or if you like the taste, you can use your regular tooth brush.) and mineral spirits on a paper towel every week. I also make sure belts feel tight enough…just by feel. Then try and turn the v wheels with my fingers, if the y turn then I tighten them just enough to firm them up. Do that once a week as well. I’m retired so I have the time available to do it and actually find it a bit therapeutic. Also check to make sure my router is perpendicular to the waste board with a square. Are you still having some problems?

I am actually not having any problems
I replied to the person that started the post, and went to see if he ever replied to my comment
While there I stumbled upon your post
Thank you for your maintenance schedule, I will start following it
On a side note, I downloaded Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance from Audible, and have been really enjoying it