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Epic star wars desk

I’m trying to make the most epic desk ever carved. Its 2’ x 8’ x 1 3/4" thick on one side with star wars carves. These carves are multiple depths and will be filled with acrylics and individually addressable leds.

I have worked out the designs in Fusion 360 and going to import the g code into easel. My biggest hurdle besides the day long carve is getting the same zero when changing bits.

Since we are resolving your issue on the other thread, I would focus on your project in this one.

Do you have an image of the design? Post it … :slight_smile:


Brandon Parker

So far this is the first desk design
The death star will be 1/4 cut on the main section and 3/4 inch cut on the rest. The main will be painted with acrylic and pearls. The deep sections an acrylic pour with red led backlights.
The light saber is a 4 step down and only the blade will be full acrylic pour with leds backlight.
The choose wisely might be dropped down to just the symbol. The words are too hard to complete with the O " in choose" being cut out completely.

Better view of the death star


Definitely give us updates as it progresses.


Brandon Parker

That will be a fun project. Cant wait to see the progress.

Looking for help with Fusion 360. If someone can help me with my tool paths. I have a screencast showing my project:

You said it was a moon. Thats no moon. - Sorry couldnt help myself. Cant wait to see the final product.

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Who said moon?

Can you share it? Looks like your 1/32" is cutting some of the same as your 1/4". Adaptive toolpaths are meant to be used as a roughing operation. An endmill that is 0.03125" in diameter is not usually considered for roughing.

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Here is the project

The desk will be amazing when completed and I would love to see all your progress along the way. Only thing is , the Death Star is the wrong way round. You only ever see it with the indented dome on the left and the incomplete parts to the right. ( Sorry, it’s my ocd) :man_facepalming:t3::+1:t2: