Epoxy Inlay

Hi All
Been busily quiet for a while making ever more adventurous pieces (by my standard :rofl:)
I have been asked to make 2 small signs.
One in acrylic and one in pine but both with a coloured epoxy inlay for the lettering.
I’m going to give it a go so is it best to carve a v channel with a v bit, or use a regular mill to cut a u shaped channel to fill?
Thank you.

From my experience using Easel for epoxy inlay a flat bit would be better to fill. However that depends on the size of your project and how big your letters are. I was making cornhole boards with names in it that i filled with epoxy so i had plenty of surface to work with.

It’s quite a large area - around 3 inch high numbers (house number signs) and a picture the size of a hand.
Do you just carve in Easel (say 5mm deep?) then fill with epoxy without sealing the cut?

Not exactly sure what you mean by “sealing the cut”. You can use a sanding sealer before pouring the epoxy, but it didn’t make that much of a difference to me when I tried that route. As long as your surface is sanded smooth then you can squeegee off the over filled epoxy. Seems like everyone has different opinions on epoxy, should it be shiny, or sand it down then put a polish over it so it has a matt finish? It’s all personal preference. Best I can say is test on a scrap piece, although I have been told no good woodworker has scrap wood, just pieces they haven’t found a use for yet.

Thanks Shawn - very true :rofl:
I’ll have a go on some “saved small odd shaped” pieces of wood.

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