Epoxy Resin fill

I’ve been experimenting with epoxy resin, and I’ve been really satisfied with my results, but so far I’ve only been “filling in holes” so to speak… meaning where I’ve been pouring the resin is in channels and holes. But what if I wanted to cut a hole all the way through the wood, then fill that with the expoy so light could shine through it… How would I fill a hole that was all the way through the wood? Seems it would ooze and leak out, no?

from the videos I’ve seen they clamp down the wood to a piece of melamine or some kind of plastic sheet. Make a box out of that melamine coated plywood and you wouldn’t have to worry about leaks

Many people use clear tape on the back side to keep the resin from going through. The epoxy will not stick to it and it will be smooth and clear where the tape was. You can special order clear tape in widths that are quite wide.

The down side is that despite your best efforts, there may be little leaking. You may want to think about thickeners and setting times. You may also want to watch some youtube videos regarding vacuum pots. These extract the air from the mix so that you will get bubble free clarity.


This is how Matt Cremona produced these epoxy river tables. You can see the resin parts starting at 9:30 into the video.

House wrap tape is what you’re looking for.

3mil plastic works great. The epoxy peels right off. I usually use painters tape or hot glue to attach the plastic. If I need a dam I will use some foam core lined with the 3mil plastic.