Epoxy Resin Filled Carve

Very first project using epoxy resin. Turned out pretty good but definitely room for improvement. A few questions:

  1. this cut was from 1" wood… my bit was too short so I had to finish the cut with a jigsaw. Where do you guys get your longer bits, do they work well?
  2. the resin was initially more of a pearly brighter white… after sanding the excess resin off, I had to restain the wood… which discolored the white resin a bit. I used a qtip to try and clean off the stain.


Great Job on project! I like ebony stains myself. Its a modern look that still shows rustic grain.Resin is on my list for future projects also.

That looks really good! How did you manage to get the resin into the grooves? Did you use a syringe or tipped bottle cap?

Thanks! I was trying to think of something tiny enough and I remembered this weird syringe the dentist gave me after I had my wisdom teeth pulled lol. It was slow sucking the epoxy up with it since its so thick… but just be patient… its worth it. I just ordered a new box of them from amazon because some friends have asked me to make them one

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That is a good idea, certainly a lot of work, couldn’t you just pull the plunger out, pour the resin into the syringe? Might save time… I am looking for a solution to fill larger cutouts and letters but the small lines are difficult.

For quality pours use laminating epoxy with minimum 24hrs cure time, they flow much thinner than their 5min cure counterpart. Better bond and cure harder too :slight_smile:

I use a shower squeegee to clean resin spillage off the piece, still not perfect but close.

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and make sure your wood is sealed to prevent bleeding! I had some not so thin epoxy bleed like crazy on maple… which you think wouldn’t do that since it’s not an open grained wood.