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have a call into inventables about my controller. moved it to its new home started it back up to start a new project had a little smoke come out the back . i shut it off immediately openedi it back up saw where the smoke came from. my question is being electrical. my question is being electrical any type of warranty on the controller if no can you just buy the mother board or do you have to buy the whole controller kit. thanks for any help

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They have some sort of warranty not sure for how long but you should be able to buy just the mother board.

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There is a sku number for the board itself, so I’m sure they will sell it separately…

Here’s the assembly instructions for the XController when it was a DIY kit.


yhank you for the info


thank you for the info

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6-month limited warranty

The X-Carve comes with a 6-month limited warranty. And we’ve teamed up with Clyde to offer an extended 2-year protection for even more peace of mind. Hassle-Free Returns Inventables offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on X-Carve CNC machines, excluding original and return shipping

thanks ken i received a call from tech support informing me of the warranty . how do i go about getting the extended warranty

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thanks seth

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getting a extended warranty was available at time of purchase or with in 90days

I have the same problem. My X-controller fried twice; I am troubleshooting the problem. Inventables covered it under warranty.

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